Edinburgh Festival anyone?

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Edinburgh Festival anyone?

Postby Grimmy » Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:09 pm

Anyone heading to Edinburgh this year? It used to be an annual event for me, but the hotel prices have just got mental. Even the Travel Inns have their snouts in the trough these days.

I particularly wanted to see Bert Jansch, his first gigs after long illness and tour of the US. Dammit!

Still - there's the Fylde Folk Festival at the beginning of September. Less Celtic stuff than last year but looking forward to seeing Archie Fisher again.

Then maybe Ullapool Guitar Festival in October, though it's becoming a bite 'samey' - except for the ticket prices.

Then possibly the International Guitar Festival of GB at Birkenhead in November - though there's nobody I'm busting a gut to see, I must admit.

OK, I confess, I just came on here to have a moan because I'm bored and brassed off and my miserable life is just a major chunk of crud.

So - what are you guys up to?
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Re: Edinburgh Festival anyone?

Postby geordie » Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:15 pm

Oh dear, we were grumpy, I hope it's passed Grimmy.
Yes, my wife and I usually attend the EIF we like The Bonham
or The Howard nice and central, this year it was the Howard which is two streets away from a couple we've known for 40+ years, v / handy for an after show tipple, hay had tickets for the Jansch show.
My son-in-law is the fiddler with Alistair Roberts band and they were doing a Poetry and music affair about St Kilda at the Book Festival. As always to much going on to even make a dent in the program, still a great place to be at that time.
Managed a couple o' hours at Sandy Bells as well, which had a nice session going on.

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